Title: Be beautiful and healthy with just NT$3?

The 2009 exhibition of the “Hundred Innovative Products” was successfully closed. The organizer built 6 spectacular tents that cost more than 1 million NT to display Taiwanese creations. Because the event also invited many famous Taiwanese singers to attend, it attracted tens of thousands of tourists.

The organizer, Legislator Fu Queng Chi visited and tasted Hualien specialties like dried bonito products, A-May sticky Rice Cake and Deep Sea Water products.

Every theme tent had different promotions of its products. Kung Long’s promotion, called “Be slim with just 3NT?” targeted to sell “Slim 333”, bottled deep sea water with 333 ppm hardness to women that seek to lose weight after the holiday binge. Many people may wonder why drinking deep sea water can make you slim. It is because “Slim 333” has relatively higher mineral and trace elements contents, especially magnesium, which enhances the metabolism rate directly linked to consumption of body fat.

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