Title: The DSW examination and certification center was inaugurated!

The brand new DSW examination and certification center that is under the management of the Bureau of standards, metrology and inspection (MOEA) was inaugurated on the 5th of January 2009. The center, aiming to enhance the quality of the deep sea water, will start to examine the deep sea water at the 3 pumping sites regularly.

“The system of certification can help to promote this business,” said Lin Sheng Chung, deputy Minister of the Economy. The examination items include the amount of germs, heavy metals, nutrient salts, trace elements and other harmful chemical pollutants.

MOEA has finished set up 31 national standards for deep sea water and authorized VPC certification for 7 companies. The examination and certification center is the landmark in the short history of deep sea water.
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ps. (Kung long Deep Sea Water obtained the first VPC certification in 2007 and was awarded with the latest VPC certification in 2008/8/13)

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