Title: The ‘masking’ danger of the masks

According to the latest study published by the “Consumers’ Foundation,’ over 15 out of 20 popular masks sampled, including some of the very big brands such of Oil of Olay and Neutrogena, contain preservatives that are linked to the development of breast cancer.

Masks, the top skincare product in every woman’s mind, had the market of more than 1 billion NT market a year. Because the masks are soaked in gel like concentration fluid, the use of preservatives is common. However, how much is the safe amount of preservatives in the masks? The department of Health has set up the standard of about 1% of preservative in the skincare products. The amount of preservatives contained in the Kung long “O’cean Lavie” masks is well within the limit. In addition, the fiber cotton material of our masks does not contain the “fluorescence” to make it look whiter.

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