The three major Deep Sea Water products
Deep Sea Water
The calcium level in Deep Sea Water is lower than the magnesium level, which is good for the health. National Chin Hua University has tested the water with nuclear resonance and the researchers found that Deep Sea Water has smaller molecules, which are more easily absorbable, and its various minerals can replenish body needs.
Deep Sea Water Concentration Liquid
product of the desalinated deep sea water. It contains numerous minerals, such as Calcium, Magnesium, Sodium and Potassium.
How to use the concentration liquid
For drinkingˇGAdding one to three drops in a glass of water can help you replenish your minerals need.
For cookingˇGAdd one to three drops to rice, soup or meal to enhance the flavors.
For bathingˇGAdding 5 to 10 drops in the bath water can help you to moisturize your skin.
Deep Sea Salt
60% to 70% of human body is water which mainly exists in blood, cells and organs and digestive systems. Water contains 0.9 of sodium chloride which shows that salt is important to human life. Regular cooking salt has only sodium chloride and potassium. On the contrary, the deep sea water salt has sodium chloride and also many minerals. Plus its sodium level is lower than normal cooking salt, which is a benefit for your health.
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