The Uniqueness of DSW
The main characteristics of deep sea water are:
1.Purity: Since deep sea water has no contact with sunlight, it is not under the influence of photosynthesis. It¡¦s free of contaminants, pathogens, and surface pollution

2.Rich in minerals: Deep sea water contains a variety of minerals and trace elements such as magnesium, zinc, potassium, selenium, germanium etc. The proportion of the minerals is close to that of a human body so it can be absorbed very easily.
3.Maturity: Under high pressure and low temperature for as long as a thousand years, the quality of deep sea water is mature and stable.
4.Low temperature: Deep sea water remains at 6? C year round, unaffected by outside changes.
5.Nutrients: It contains nitrogen, phosphor, silicon and more than 90 kinds of organic salts and trace elements.6.Small molecules: Deep sea water can easily penetrate blood vessels and is easily absorbable by human body.
Deep Sea Water vs bottled water
  Deep Sea Water Normal Bottled Water
Source Hualien Ocean Current Ground water, spring water, tap water
Water molecule Small, easily absorbable, 47Hz Big, not easily absorbable, 120Hz
Production 100% physical sterilization Chemical sterilization
Mineral contents Abundant minerals and trace minerals Few minerals, possible heavy metal residues
Proportion of Calcium
and Magnesium
More magnesium than
calcium, better for health
More calcium than magnesium, organs can develop stones
Certification VPC¡BHALAL None
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